An innovative bee-and
honey-centric boutique in Naples, Florida

All things bee.
All things honey.

An experience like no other.




Grand Central Honey is truly a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

The boutique, located in beautiful Naples, Florida, is completely bee-and honey-centric. It features the best of local, regional, and world artisan, small-batch honeys, as well as a great selection of honey-based sauces, candies, skin products, candles, jewelry, charcuterie and household goods, as well as other unique gift items. Our name is inspired by the iconic Grand Central Terminal in NYC, where people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities come together, much like the varied pedigrees of the honeys in our collection.

Everyone deserves to know the sublime taste of pure honey.

Estimates are that 30% of honey sold globally is altered from its original, pure form, adulterated and/or filled with additives. There is a serious problem with transshipment of these fraudulent “honeys,” predominantly by China. Sadly, many peoples’ only experience with honey has been with those inferior and impure products. We have vetted our vendors and know the locations our honeys are sourced and from where they are shipped. At our Bee Bar, customers are encouraged to sample testers of any of the honeys available on our shelves, to compare flavor

The vibe of Grand Central Honey
is like no other.

We strive to make our guests feel at home, comfortable and valued. Two must-sees are our virtual hive and our Bee Booth, which is an interactive selfie location complete with neon wings, crown and props. In it, anyone can be a queen or king bee for a day! We also have an extensive tasting area, The Bee Bar…and we encourage you to try any honeys you wish. We have over 100 variations in the store, so there is no time like the present to start your tasting journey!

Consider this your invitation to come in…

we look forward to meeting you!

Sweetly Yours,

Cindy McCartney

Founder & CEO

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