Grand Central Honey is named after Grand Central Terminal in New York City, where there is a constant flow of passengers from far and wide, coming and going…we enjoy bringing in new flavors, as well as new brands, of honey, changing up frequently so that all our honey lovers can experience honey’s full cornucopia! Each harvest (even within the same brand) is a limited edition.

Most companies we source are small-batch, small business, and artisan, in order to ensure the purity and authenticity of the honey products we carry. There is a real problem with the import of adulterated, “fake” honeys, which end up on some grocers’ shelves. We are careful to vet the brands we bring in.

Some of the outstanding honey brands
we are proud to offer.

Savannah Bee Company, Savannah, GA

Their mission: Saving the bees. This company is special in many ways. Even as they have grown to be a world-famous name in their over 20 years in business, their ethics and philosophies are still of a small batch, artisan honey company. They are committed to bringing customers the most delicious honey sourced from beekeepers around the world, including Belgium and Hungary, and of course, Savannah and other southeastern regions.

Savannah Bee’s founder also co-founded The Bee Cause, a 501( c ) 3 dedicated to hands-on education about bees. Read More About The Bee Cause

We are proud to have a Savannah Bee Company “Queen Bee” store-within-a-store, and we carry the entire range of core products. In addition to the line of amazing honeys, they have excellent skin and body care products.

Fathead Honey Farms, Clarkson, NE

Brian and Kathy Suchan run their honey operation with the help of their “fat head” bulldog companions, named PorkChop, Harley and Queen. Their honeys are some of our fan favorites…the Killer Bee Honey is not for the faint of heart…it is made with Carolina Reaper Peppers. It also happens to be one of our biggest sellers! On the mild side, they have lavender, vanilla and other delicious varieties.

Zach & Zoe, Lebanon, NJ

Kam and Summer Johnson’s journey with bees began nearly five years ago. Their son Zach’s asthma exacerbated his seasonal allergies, which significantly increased in the spring and fall. Kam and Summer searched for something to alleviate these effects. After giving local honeys a try, Zach’s allergies decreased. The family then made the plunge into beekeeping—and the rest is history! This is another brand which, despite its growth, has been able to maintain its commitment to small-batch, artisan values. Try Rose, lemon, cranberry, creamed coffee and other flavors,

Fool’s Gold, Lewisville, NC

Founded on the idea that people need high-quality, locally-sourced honey, free from additives and chemicals, and filled with natural taste and nutritional enzymes. The infusions are made with natural ingredients and steeped slowly in order to ensure a smooth, delicious taste. Try rum, whiskey, or bourbon-infused, as well as their other yummy varieties.

Wehrloom Honey, Robbinsville, NC

From two hives to hundreds, over the past nine years, Wehrloom has grown from a small home-spun business into a thriving operation committed to bees and honey. Try their popular and delicious artisan honeys and luscious tea blends.

Tesela Natura Raw Honey, Badajoz, Spain

This is a brand which offers pure honey of certified quality and origin, extracted, packaged, and sent directly from their hives. Their extensive network of beekeepers allows them to offer a wide range of honeys throughout the year. The Eucalyptus, Thousand Flowers and Orange Blossom varieties are must-tastes! Don’t forget to check out their uniquely packaged sets—perfect for hostess gifts as an alternative to wine.

Bumbleberry Farms, Somerset, PA

Cooking at home has risen to a whole new level of interest as more people are finding ways to elevate meal and noshing experiences. Bumbleberry Farms Honeys and Honey Cream Spreads are versatile add-ons to charcuterie boards, can be stirred in coffee and tea, drizzled over popcorn and ice cream, spooned into oatmeal and yogurt—or just plain spooned directly from jar to mouth!! Salted honey caramel, dark chocolate, chocolate raspberry are just some of their out-of-this world flavors.

Clif Family, St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA

As great lovers of food, wine and adventure, Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford sought to bring their memorable experiences to their Napa Valley home. Today, Clif Family winemaker, Laura Barrett, makes wines from grapes grown on our Howell Mountain estate and from local Napa Valley and Mendocino growers. Their gourmet spreads are made with honey from fresh flowering solar farms.

Built by Bees, Atlanta, GA

The Haratine family’s brand is full of goodness… products include raw, infused and whipped honeys, honey shrubs, honey elixirs, and well-being honeys. The company uses organic and kosher ingredients that are non-GMO. They’re also free from additives, preservatives, sulfites and raw sugars. Their cocktail mixers are killer.

Big Island Bees, Kelakekua, HI

Big Island Bees is uniquely delicious and beautifully packaged. The Island of Hawaii has many different ecosystems, which enable the company to produce single floral honeys with intense flavor profiles. The macadamia nut flavor is out of this world.

Manuka Doctor, New Zealand

Manuka Doctor honey and skincare products are as pure and distinctive as the land they come from. The wealth of origin plant species nestled in the luscious green mountains of New Zealand provide the perfect base for monofloral manuka honey. This honey is packed full of honey goodness and contains high levels of MGO, associated with antibacterial activity.

Mickelberry Gardens, Portland, OR

This husband-and-wife team offers incredible herbal products, designed to be both healing and delicious. The product line is made with raw honey sourced directly from local beekeepers and several small farmers, who provide organic medicinal herbs. Try their hugely popular tonics.


We are asked for local honeys many times a day—the word is out that local honey is the best to fight seasonal allergies!
We are happy to offer the following stellar local brands:

A husband-and-wife team, committed to supplying the patrons of Southwest Florida with the highest quality honey possible. With hives located in Collier and Hendry County, the honey is completely raw, void of flash-heating, pasteurization, chemicals, and any other unnatural processes or additives.

Rubee’s Raw Florida Honey is not only packed full of flavor, but contains beneficial factors such as pollen, propolis, and allergy-fighting properties.

Wee Bees is an American family apiary, and is a split operation, in the state of New York and Florida. Fifth-generation beekeepers, they have been in business since 1973. The company produces and hand-packs their own raw honey. Unlike conventional honey, their honey is completely unprocessed and never heated, filtered nor strained. They are an essentially organic farm, and the honey is labeled pesticide-free. They do not use chemicals or pesticides, instead they use essential oils. It is like eating straight out of the hive! It is firm yet wonderfully smooth and ivory in color and contains pollen, propolis and honeycomb, all of which are very beneficial and naturally occurring in a beehive.

Naples Honey Company was established in 1999 by Tom May, a cellist in the Naples Philharmonic. As a first anniversary present, Tom’s wife Kirsten decided to give Tom a beehive. Tom is actually a third generation beekeeper who spends most summers tending to the bees at his father and brother’s “Sunny Hill Honey” farm. Since 1999 Tom has spent much of his time growing his apiary, up to 120 hives, and selling his delicious “Naples Finest Honey.”


The BEE Cause Project

On its own, the average worker bee only produces about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. Yet an entire hive of bees can make anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds of honey each year. In this and so many other ways, bees show us the power of collective impact –
a concept at the heart of The Bee Cause Project.

Ted Dennard, a lifelong beekeeper and the Founder of Savannah Bee Company, and Tami Enright, a fellow beekeeper and environmental educator, heeded the lessons of their beloved bees, joining forces to grow their impact.

Soon after they installed their first observation hive at Sullivans Island Elementary School, The Bee Cause Project became a 501c3. Alongside sponsors, beekeepers, educators and community members, The Bee Cause Project has since provided Bee Grants to over 500 schools and organizations, impacting hundreds of children (and adults!) across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Grand Central Honey is proud to support the cause, having purchased a virtual observation hive from the organization and by selling the eponymous honey bottled by the Savannah Bee Company, which also helps to support their mission.

Visit their website