We are proud of our selection of honeys and have great relationships with the apiaries which supply us.

Here are some of the brands we love introducing people to…the list is fluid and always changing!

Some of the outstanding honey brands
we are proud to offer.

Smiley Honey 100% Pure Organic African Honey, Zambia

These organic honeys come from Africa and are the embodiment of Africa’s wild, untouched splendor. The honey is uniquely delicious.
Proceeds from this honey benefits the Kafakumba Missionary Training Center.

Arvoli Honey, Plano, TX

This company takes a “long road” approach. They use no concentrates or extracts, no flavorings or colorings; just raw honey patiently aged with whole fruits and spices. Their Himalayan Sea Salt honey is unique and quite popular, as is their Mango Habanero, which is a blend of sweet mango with the heat of the pepper.

Big Island Bees, Kelakekua, HI

Big Island Bees honey is uniquely delicious and beautifully packaged. The Island of Hawaii has many different ecosystems, which enable the company to produce single floral honeys with intense, delicious flavor profiles. The macadamia nut flavor as well as the organic Wilelaiki Blossom, and the Ohia’ Lehua infused with Cinnamon or Vanilla are sure to transport your taste buds to the South Pacific.

Bird and the Bees, Iola, WI

Bird and the Bees Honey is a small family-run apiary. We carry their Black Sage, Clover, Buckwheat and Forest Berry varieties and all are exceptional.

Bumbleberry Farms, Somerset, PA

Karen Mosholder began Bumbleberry Farms on the foundation of creating quality, artisanal goods that are as appealing to the eye as they are to the palate. The company was started in her country kitchen. Their award-winning honey spreads are straight from Karen’s family recipes. Try dark chocolate, sea salt caramel, and their other flavors—your tastebuds will thank you!

Built by Bees, Atlanta, GA

The Haratine family’s brand is full of goodness…their portfolio includes two superfood honeys, “Honey Superfood for a Queen” and “Goodnight Honey” which are popular, and they are a delicious way to take royal jelly, raw honey and comb, propolis and pollen. Try the spreads–they are exceptional. Built by Bees also has a line of good-for-you, prebiotic and probiotic shrub elixirs which can be used as cocktail mixers, salad dressings and sparkling water mix-ins.

Fathead Honey Farms, Clarkson, NE

Brian and Kathy Suchan run their honey operation with the help of their “fat head” bulldog companions, PorkChop, Harley and Queen. Their honeys are some of our fan favorites…the Killer Bee honey is not for the faint of heart…it is infused with Carolina Reaper peppers. It also happens to be one of our biggest sellers! On the milder side, they have incredible lavender, vanilla and others you will love.

Fool’s Gold, Lewisville, NC

Fool’s Gold was founded on the premise that people need high-quality honey, free from additives and chemicals. Their infusions are made with high-quality ingredients and steeped slowly to ensure a smooth, delicious taste. Love bourbon? Their bourbon honey is fantastic…they also have fantastic cinnamon whiskey, elderberry, espresso and a delicious variety of other tasty flavors.

Mickelberry Gardens, Portland, OR

This husband-and-wife team offers incredible herbal products, designed to be both healing and delicious. The product line is made with raw honey sourced directly from local beekeepers and several small farmers, who provide organic medicinal herbs. Try their hugely popular tonics.

Savannah Bee Company, Savannah, GA

Savannah Bee Company is very clear about its priorities. Their #1 mission is saving the bees; and that is why “bee”, not “honey,” is in the name. Even as they have grown over 20 years into a world-class operation, they keep the philosophies and work ethics of a small batch, artisan honey company. They source honey from beekeepers around the world, including Belgium and Hungary, and, of course, Savannah and other southeastern locations.

Sister Bees Honey, Ludington, MI

Two moms set out to produce natural products for their families, began raising honeybees, and the business grew from there! We carry several of their products, but you must try their Tequila Lime Honey. It is like the best key lime pie you ever ate!

Uncommon Bees, Jasper, TX

Uncommon Bees chooses to put the bees and our environment first. All products are packaged in reusable or biodegradable containers. We love the unique flavors in their range, such as dragonfruit, peppermint, chamomile, green apple, tart cherry…and their famous Buzz Honey!

Wehrloom Honey, Robbinsville, NC

From two hives to hundreds, Wehrloom has grown from a small home-spun business into an operation committed to bees and honey, The honeys from this apiary range from Appalachian Mountain, hot, vanilla, chocolate, lavender and others. The tastes are a smooth and sweet treat everyone needs to try. We also carry their honey-infused tea, which is tough to keep in stock because customers love it so much!

Zach & Zoe, Lebanon, NJ

Kam and Summer Johnson began their journey with bees when their son’s asthma exacerbated his seasonal allergies. They tried local honey to alleviate these effects, the allergies decreased. The family then made the plunge into beekeeping. Try their rose, lemon, cranberry (especially at the holidays) and creamed coffee flavors.

Apicoltura Casentinese, Bibbiena, Italy

These Italian honeys, made by small-batch beekeepers, have a uniquely well-rounded flavor profile. Both the wildflower and acacia are absolute must-tries!

Manuka Doctor, New Zealand

Manuka Honey is sometimes known as the King of Honey. Its antibacterial properties are what set it apart from traditional honey. It contains methylglyoxal (MGO) as an active ingredient, likely responsible for antibacterial effects. Additionally, Manuka honey has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits and can be used to treat wounds and burns. We carry a range of MGO concentrations and are happy to help you pick the right one!

Meluka Honey, New South Wales, Australia

Meluka Australia honey has the unique healing properties of a native Australian botanical species, the Melaleuca alternifolia, Australian tea tree, found in the Bungawalbin Valley. From this they produce their range of tea tree and honey-derived products.

Mrs. Bridges Scottish Honey, Scotland, United Kingdom

Based in Scotland, United Kingdom, Mrs. Bridges immortalizes British heritage and tradition in a jar. This quintessentially British range of honey and other food, uses only the finest ingredients. The Clover, as well as the Heather and Clover blend are both fantastic.

Tesela Natura Raw Honey, Badajoz, Spain

This is pure honey of certified quality and origin, extracted, packaged, and sent directly from their hives in Spain. Try Eucalyptus, Thousand Flowers and Orange Blossom.

Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan Honey, Mouriki, Greece

Zelos only works with select organic and all-natural producers in Greece and embodies contemporary Greek culinary excellence at its best.  This sublime honey from Mouriki includes flavors such as oak, thyme and pine. We also carry a raw honey from Crete. So different and delicious!

The Florida LOCALS

We love doing business with other small businesses in Florida, and our most frequent request from our customers is for Local Honey. We are very happy to oblige! As Floridians know, the allergy season here is more like an allergy year, and an overwhelming amount of people swear by local honey to combat the symptoms. Here is a sampling of the great Florida brands we carry:

Started in 2009 by beekeeper Michael Leach, Bee Friends Farm specializes in local, raw Florida honey. Their varieties change with the seasons, but we do carry their pollen. As for honey, we especially crave the Black Mangrove—it is truly sublime!

Naples Honey Company was established in 1999 by Tom May, a cellist in the Naples Philharmonic. He is a third-generation beekeeper and has grown his apiary in Naples to over 120 hives. The official name of his honey is “Naples Finest Honey” and we sell his orange blossom, saw palmetto, and seasonal blends. Naples Honey and Grand Central Honey have also partnered on a Naples “Honey for All Seasons,” a blend of all four seasons’ wildflower honey harvests.

Located in the Florida panhandle, about an hour’s drive to the east of Panama City in the small town of Wewahitchka. Smiley Honey was started in 1989 by Donald Smiley. They are known for their delicious Tupelo Honey, but they have other fantastic flavors, including the rare Sourwood.

Smiley also has hives in Africa. The honey is ethically gathered from the blossoms of African flora, creating a robust, extraordinary flavor.
The proceeds of the African Honey benefit the Kafakumba missionary training center. The honey is certified organic and NON-GMO verified.

Sweet Bees is a Naples-owned and operated family beekeeping business. Maxwell Goodacre harvests high-quality raw honey. Maxwell is a Master Beekeeper and multi-award-winning honey judge. The varieties on our shelves vary, but they are all excellent!

This is a family apiary with hives in both New York and Florida. They are fifth-generation beekeepers and have been in business since 1973. No chemicals or pesticides are used on their land, only essential oils. This honey is like eating straight out of the hive—it is firm, yet smooth and ivory in color, and contains pollen, propolis and honeycomb, all of which are very beneficial. Delicious!!!