Inside the HIVE

When you enter Grand Central Honey, we want every one of your senses to be pleased. The vibe of the store is immediately casual and friendly, designed to be a fun, warm place to shop and discover the unique items within.

Your visit can be as interactive as you wish. There are quite a few layers within the store to peel…check out the fascinating virtual hive, where you can watch the worker bees (all females!) do their work.

We also think you will love our one-of-a-kind “Bee Booth,” a room with a neon crown and wing backdrop, where you can take a “Queen Bee” selfie using fun props like boas to really camp it up!

As for The Bee Bar, honey- tasting is very much like wine-tasting, and everyone’s palate preferences are discovered through the fun, interactive process. There are many brands which produce honeys of the same variety or infusion. For example, we have five lavender honeys. Each one hails from a different location, and the honey within has its own characteristics, based on where the apiary is located and its growing environment. A couple of them are smooth in texture, with the lavender buds filtered out, and some have the actual lavender in the bottle.

The degree of lavender taste is wildly different in each, and much like in wine-tasting, there is a level for just about everyone. We are honey matchmakers at Grand Central Honey…let us help find your perfect flavor profile!

Along with honey tastings, The Bee Bar is also a mead bar. Mead is honey wine, and the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world…the Vikings drank it. We have a mead tap as well as bottles of several brands of delicious meads and cysers to drink at home. One is even named Viking Blod!