Inside the HIVE

When you enter Grand Central Honey, we want every one of your senses to be pleased. The “vibe” of the store is casual and friendly. It is designed to be a fun, warm place for shopping and discovering the all – bee, all – honey merchandise.

But we also see a visit here as an interactional experience…there are so many layers of the store to peel! Check out the fascinating virtual hive and watch all of the ladies (the worker bees) in there do their work (the expression “busy bee” is no coincidence!).

We think you will love our one-of-a-kind “Bee Booth,” a neon photo booth where everyone can be a Queen Bee and post the picture on social media.

We are excited to have a “Bee Bar” at which we sell mead (honey wine, the oldest alcoholic drink in the world) on tap and conventional grape wine by the glass…also, we hope you will also buy a bottle or can and continue enjoying your libation at home!

We offer tastings of any honey in the store, so that you can decide which honey tastes best to you.

Of course, it is possible to buy honey on the internet, but how will you know you’ll like what you get? We have several brands of orange blossom honey, for example, and there are differences in the way each one of them tastes.

There are so many varieties and infusions, you need to allow yourself time and take note of the characteristics you like, much like with wine-tastings.

We have a comfortable seating area in the front room for the non-shoppers to chill…though those individuals usually can be coaxed into the bar for some honey tasting!

In short, we hope you enjoy your experience at Grand Central Honey to the fullest!